Escape: Zombie City - Big Box (Inglés)

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Escape Zombie City is a real-time board game that is not played in game rounds!

You and your fellow players have only 15 minutes to escape from town before you?re overrun by the zombies!

You are survivors of the zombie apocalypse and are trying to escape the zombie hordes that are devastating one city after another. You have found shelter in a church of a deserted little town and adapted yourselves to the circumstances ?

However, your peace won?t last for long because the zombies are heading for the church. You must quickly gather your needed supplies from all over the town, start up the old van and escape town as quickly as you can.

While on the run, you will discover new street sections by using different dice combinations, fight zombies, and collect from various buildings the items you need to leave town. Coordinate your actions and help each other because your only chance to stand against the zombies is by working as a team.

This game includes:

  • The basic game
  • The expansión: The Survivor Chronicles
  • 3 Queenies